Design for Personal Visual Identity



For a while I was very interested in drawing objects that looks fragile in terms of the physical properties, but still solidly occupies space and have a certain volume. By the look, they should seems to have momenta, but the strokes that composes them also balance their internal structure.

While drawing these things I slowly noticed a recurring element in my works. Which is the circle with two legs, which looks like a microorganism, a capacitor, or a satellite. I thought this is a bare-minimum version of my expression. Modularity is another advantage of these simple particles, they can form all kinds of layout and systems.

I think satellites are real life examples of what I want to portray with the idea. They are precisely constructed to be lightweight and balanced. They appear to be static but actually are orbiting in an incredible speed. One artwork that especially mesmerizing for me is the Einstein Tomb project by Lebbeus Wood. Satellites can be also very very simple (maybe anything sturdy enough to be launched into orbit can be an satellite, also after that you need to be able to talk to it. ), I am very fond of the simple shape of Sputnik 1.

Around 2014 I made stickers for them.

I tried to make them into the format of generative visual identity. Animation and transform the graphic elements into artificial semi-lifeforms has been one of the core ideas.

Eventually they started to appear on my business cards.

Additional Graphics

These graphic elements are recurring characters I drew from time to time.