URNDR: 3Dx2D interactive animation study



This was originally for my research on assisted 2D animation production, inspired in a workshop by Wouter van Reek in Breda, 2014.
URNDR was a basic implementation on a technique to overlay the animatic to create accurate poses & compositions. URNDR helps you to generate in-betweens by carrying your drawings on 3d models parametrically, instead of texturing.

Animators use basic 3D animatics to help them produce animation efficiently from time to time. While there're discussions on whether this technique can cover most of people's need or, if really experienced animators need overlaying or not. It turned out the way computer helps is quite funny but unique by itself. The project starts to explore the role of what computer is doing most of the time while traditional animation is being made on it. Can computers & artists exchange a few of their duties sometimes?


URNDR is under active development in 2017. I wish to implement, WebGL-based rendering for strokes, better UI, and timeline manager.


  1. URNDR 2015 ver.
  2. URNDR Gallery