Rawmatter Design Studio : Logo Animation

logo in action

In the future logos will be artificial lifeforms.
— Craig Rozynski (@craigrozynski) September 3, 2015

The logo is generated by a model similar to a state machine. The internal rotation & state will be determined by inputs from the random external source. The input can be varied by site visitors' interactions, time of displaying or its location. We tried to create a logo who could react to its applied environment.

見本生物 (Rawmatter Design Studio) was concepted in 2014, it is developing as a multi-disciplinary design project since 2015.

Design Process

tweaking for generative model.

In order to translate the idea for a generative model to understand. We set up some basic principles (grids, unit-size) to further stabilize the idea behind the logo.

logo puzzle pieces
prototype in C4D

I prototyped the logo's procedural model in Cinema 4D with lots of custom Python scripts. There's probably a better way to do this but I am proud of a few special & reusable MoGraph Effectors I created during the process.

c4d render output


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